Hi I’m Yvonne, I’m originally from County Offaly and after many years travelling and living with my husband Guillaume throughout Europe and Northern Africa I have returned to the heart of the Irish midlands living in a converted barn on the family farm where my studio overlooks the beautiful countryside.

My very first photographic project was photographing archaeological finds on excavations in Germany..I have moved on to photographing living people (a nice change!!).. After a move to Morocco I took a job as a photographer for a travel magazine in Casablanca where I captured local people going about their day to day lives, later forming an exhibition of this work in Wroclaw in Poland.

Although my academic background is in Art History which incidentally has been a huge inspiration to my work the Moroccan project unlocked my passion for capturing precious moments and fleeting emotions that make occasions special for people. I have learned to read a room and anticipate, rather than intrude and orchestrate. People need to feel relaxed and to be themselves in front of the camera, and it’s when people are themselves that I do my best work. I am proud to say my reputation has grown by word of mouth from delighted customers, who can cherish the feeling of their loved ones and special occasions forever whether it be in a frame on their walls or in their wedding story book.

The objective of my photos is not to have just pretty pictures. It is to capture an exciting stage, an unforgettable day and those intangible moments in your life. I am completely myself and absolutely love what I do I want to give my clients the best possible experience and make sure they have the best moments to remember.

In my spare time, I love creating my own special moments with Guillaume and our three amazing children Emilie, Ella and Charlie and of course our adored French bulldog Ted!.